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Android, one of the top selling Mobile Operating Systems is a favourite with IT firms who need handy, customer friendly and affordable Mobile applications for their requirements. At Websitemakerindia we are transforming concepts into mobile apps of great functionality on Android platform.

What is an Android Mobile Application?

  • Android is a suit of open source mobile operating systems based on Linux Kernel. It consists of middleware SDK (Software Development kit) and other core applications. Android was developed by Android inc. and later purchased by Google. Android applications are software applications running on Android platform.
  • Many Tech giants came together to form Open Handset Alliance. This alliance meant sharing of different concepts, thoughts and transforming ideas into realistic applications. This enhanced overall mobile user experience. Android Mobile Systems allow software users to create innovative mobile applications serving various customer needs.
  • Using Google Play for Android Application distribution customers can reach vast number of users in the marketplace. Here many Android Apps could be installed for free
  • We are specializing in Android Application Development over past few years
  • Dedicated team of highly skilled professional Android App Developers
  • Strict Adherence to Software Engineering and Mobile App Development standards and methods
  • Robust testing methods to ensure all end users enjoy flawless and smooth application experience
  • 24/7 Technical Support Post app deployment

About Websitemakerindia

Established in 2019, websitemakerindia is one of the leading web solutions providers in India and has successfully deployed over 100 IT projects across India. Websitemakerindia focuses on end to end Web presence needs of customers across India and abroad which comprises of website designing, redesigning, web application development, software development, mobile application development, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and other related services.





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